Indepth Staff Feedback Report

Unfortunately not too many businesses obtain staff feedback, and your staff can sometimes be the ones who know your business better than you do. They are the ones taking complaints, they are the ones in the warehouse, they are the ones out on the road seeing and talking to your customers. We have a way of being able to discuss your business in detail with your staff, to obtain their opinion on where they believe things could be changed to improve the work they do, which in turn provides more efficiency in your business. It can also give you valuable insight on how much your staff actually do for you which is time wasting, counter productive, double handling, dangerous to your business, costly internally or externally with your business image, negative in moral obligation by your staff to you, or lacking in opportunity to actually help your business growth. We only need a day on your site to spend half an hour or so with each staff member, to be able to provide you with a comprehensive analysis on where your staff see your business long term, and this can give you the opportunity to see your business through the eyes of your staff. They just may be too valuable to be thinking of leaving due to what they have noticed is happening there that you are unaware of.