Indepth Feeback on your Business from Customers

It is very awkward asking your customers for feedback on your business, but it’s a great way of finding out what your image out there is really like. The only way to do this is ask them. Allow our specialists to spend some time compiling a Report for you, based on information received from them, as an external unbiased party. They may be willing to buy more if you did particular things, they may be willing to expand your business partnership if you knew what they needed from you that they aren’t receiving now, such as quicker deliveries, they may offer suggestions which can be implemented within your business that even your other customers will find beneficial to them. You may even find out that they are not happy with certain aspects, such as query handling, complaint resolution methods, returns crediting to their accounts, packaging standards or labelling, or time between visits to their premises, pricing or any other range of subjects they may tell us about which is then up to you to address. We will select a range of your accounts, instead of only speaking to your favourites which will give you a broader view of your image in the marketplace. This report can easily improve your growth with your current customers, as well as giving you the opportunity to improve internal routines, as well as gaining new customers. Learning constantly within your business is vital to growth and your image in the market is an ideal way to achieve growth.