Sales Staff to Obtain new Customers

ExtensionWe have staff who can be trained in your business, and work under your direction to free you up from leaving your business to find new clients. There is so much potential out there to grow, and your fee is so basic, you will only pay on their performance representing your business. Once they have signed up a customer, you will pay for that account to become yours, so all the sales and servicing of that account is then your new customer, for you to work with. We do not charge any ongoing commissions on any sales you make to that new customer, and our fee is very easily absorbed into their orders in the future, reducing the costs to zero, plus you can claim the charge we bill you as Promotional Charges through your Tax as well, giving you two streams to retrieve your fees we have charged you. Obviously these Sales Staff will need to spend some time with you and your business to become fully trained, so that they can go out into the market and represent you and your business to their full potential. We are here to help your business grow, and will be very polite, friendly and professional, with business growth as their main objective for you.