Accountant for Business, Taxation, Finance, Home Loans

Accounts Payable Staff

Does your accounting method allow for everything you purchase? Is your General Ledger set up correctly? A professional Accounts Payable person will very quickly let you know if there is something not right in your accounting, because they are regularly working on accounts.

Credit Collections

Your outstanding accounts prevent you from running your business properly. Outstanding funds that should be in your bank account force you into situations that you shouldn’t be in. Your overdraft is higher, creating interest payments you shouldn’t be paying.

Protecting your Debts

Do you sell items to your customers? What happens to your stock if they haven’t paid their account, your stock is sitting on their premises, and they decide to close their doors? The Government has implemented a National Registrar that you can join in to

Stock Level Analysis

A very valuable service, for a few hours of your time, to go through your business and offer advice where you may not have considered previously to reduce your tied up funds. Sometimes old habits and routines that work can be modified or improved

Welcome to Allabout Business Support (ABS)…..

We offer a variety of professional services to small businesses, minimizing costs and maximising profits. Have a look through our list of services. We have several professional people with expertise in all these fields of service who can assist you with your operations, whether you have 3 staff or 30. Give us a call or send us your enquiry and a staff member can have a more detailed conversation with you.

supportbannerAllabout Business Support was founded by business professionals who have spanned over 30 years of working with businesses in all aspects of support, such as those listed above. Our team knows business, knows how to see a well running area of expertise, and how to spot areas of concern where assistance, advice or direction is needed. We can work with you in any area of concern you may have, to correct situations which may be easily rectified, we can simplify processes, and we won’t invade or take over your business. Our way of running OUR business, is to be behind the scenes, working WITH you to make you stress less. We don’t need to be on site all day every day, but can certainly do that for you too if you wish, by providing you with a permanent staff member for whatever is needed. We aim to only be on site for a few hours a day, or one whole day once or twice a week, or for a week or two just to provide you with some well earned BUSINESS SUPPORT.