Credit Collections

urlYour outstanding accounts prevent you from running your business properly. Outstanding funds that should be in YOUR bank account force you into situations that you shouldn’t be in. Your overdraft is higher, creating interest payments you shouldn’t be paying. Your business needs to find funds to function, with purchasing supplies and stock, paying wages, tax bills, rental, and other leases, super, insurances and phone, electricity and everything you pay out on a regular basis. YOU and your business are not in business to provide interest free loans to your customers while you pay interest on your missing funds. Our services will get your money into YOUR bank account where it belongs, so that you can function better. If you have overdue accounts, they are using your business to fund theirs and you are allowing it. Don’t let your business be a low priority to your customers when it comes to paying you.

There is a very serious and proper way to ask for money, and if you do it the wrong way, you may lose your customer from further trade, but even worse, did you know you can actually be sued? Government legislation aimed at Debt Collections and The Privacy Act can be used by your customers at any time, and the penalties are high enough to even close your business down. Don’t ask for money incorrectly. Let our professional collection staff fix your debtors impression of how you run your business, and once they are in the habit of paying you on time, your stress levels will be greatly reduced and you will actually operate your business better and even have money in the bank you didn’t have before.